Mystical Inventor


Generation: first (age 42)

  • Sagan 1 (analytic, sense of wonder, advocate)
Experience (4):
  • Bleed (control long-term memories/knowledge) 1
  • Cultivating (hand-made old world tech) 1
  • Ephemera (art/ideas that give short-term memory) 1
  • Printing (create/print/program tech) 1
Interface (1):
  • SoapThroat Implant 1 (ephemera, voicebox, modulation)
    interface package that grants fine control of vocal range, volume and pitch
Technology (4):
  • 4D Extruder 2 (printing, flatcube printer, beautiful)
  • Reality Spectrometer 1 (ephemera, receptor wand, accurate)
  • LSD 1 (flood/bleeding, pink big bang blotters, entheogenic)

Caecilia sees the Universe as an infinitely beautiful divine phenomenon. Since she is made of the same stuff as the wondrous Universe, the same molecules cooked up in ancient stars, this literally makes Caecilia the hands and eyes of God. She loves to create new patterns, life, phenomena, shapes and models around her to participate in and recreate the complex mating dance and vibration of all things. She is happy to spread the word of science, spirituality and beauty to everybody she has the pleasure of coming into contact with.


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